Children start to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. At Miani kids, the play group curriculum enables children to continue their exploration.Early experiences in the first few years of life are critical for acquisition of skills as maximum brain development happens during this period.The objective of the program is to train parents to help them foster their child’s development by learning and practising child development through a scientific approach.This program will foster social, aesthetic and motor skills in young children. This program helps infants and toddlers develop their latent language and maths skills through the Montessori Method.

Key Areas in Play Group Curriculum
  • Learning by exploration
  • Building communication skills
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction
  • Theme based Concept Time
  • Math Readiness
  • Inculcating Life-long learning skills
  • Language Readiness
  • Opportunities for development of aesthetic sense
  • Promoting cognitive development
Activities Involved
  • Sensory Time
  • Story Time
  • Water Play
  • Sand Play
  • Science Time
  • Creative Time
  • Library Time
  • Celebration of festivals and special day
  • Public speaking
  • Celebration of festivals and special days

Important Dates

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Annual Day Celebration
  • February 3, 2018
  • Every Year
  • #6,2nd Main,3rd Cross, Balaji Nagar, Taverekere, BTM, Bangalore , 560029

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