Daycare (2 Yrs to 10 Yrs)

Working parents need all the support they can in raising their kids. Miani School offers Day Care services at both the places to help parents fill in the after-school hours of their kids with constructive activities. Our busy schedules and work life require us to leave our child behind. For that, one needs a safe and secure place, a place that makes the child and the parent feel comfortable. We’ve created our Day Cares keeping just this in mind. We follow the 4Cs – Comfort, Conscious, Cleanliness and Care.Our Day Care comes with the most modern facilities that give the highest level of comfort for the kid. From the bed to the refreshment, every arrangement has been made to make the kids feel at home. We follow the highest standards of hygiene.Most importantly, our Day cares are not just about ‘Eat, sleep and watch TV’. We have affectionate moderators who engage the kids in various programs. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities. The kids also get to enjoy themselves through outdoor games, and indoor games activities, Audio-visual activities, Computer time and other activities that the preschool children get to enjoy.

At The Day Care
  • Excellent infrastructural facilities
  • Spacious & well-lit classroom
  • Ball pool
  • Sand-pit
  • Quality outdoor & indoor play area and equipment
  • Non-toxic child-safe toys
  • Computer labs
  • Child-safe and clean toilets
  • Hygienic nap-time facilities
  • Well researched, Scientific & activity oriented curriculum
  • Structured schedule involving
  • Physical activity
  • Quiet time
Activities Involved
  • Fun & Groove time
  • Outdoor play/garden time
  • Snack time
  • Linguistic development
  • Moderated television, movie and video time
  • Regular & effective communication with parents
  • Trained, dedicated, and professional staff
  • Child to staff ratio - As per required standards shared
  • Structured process-oriented approach

Important Dates

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Annual Day Celebration
  • February 3, 2018
  • Every Year
  • #6,2nd Main,3rd Cross, Balaji Nagar, Taverekere, BTM, Bangalore , 560029

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